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By chefaroo on 22-Jul-2012
This recipe was first made by our family with wild blueberries picked near Gunflint Lake in Minnesota. We made this during a large family gathering at the Gunflint Lodge and everyone loved it.
By Anonymous on 03-Apr-2014
Maybe only John can make these cookies perfect every time, but if you want to try, here's the recipe. These cookies freeze well and taste great warm or cold from the freezer.
By Steve on 03-Jan-2008
This is a slightly modified from a recipe given to me my Romain, who was visiting me from France. Romain was a student intern at the St. Paul French Immersion elementary school in Minnesota in 2004. The original is one of his favorite family recipes. For the original, use Gruyere cheese, fewer eggs, and an eyeballed amount of water! Enjoy!
By campfiregal on 29-Oct-2013
This alternative to apple pie is simply delicious! Recipe makes 16 but beware because no one can eat just one.
By campfiregal on 28-Sep-2013
Can't go wrong with these moist delicious muffins. Several people at a large gathering requested the recipe.
By chefaroo on 31-Dec-2015
These cookies are easy to roll out and taste great.
By campfiregal on 24-Mar-2012
Tried many different apple cake recipes but this one gets a big blue ribbon! Moist with a wonderful flavor.
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
These won't last long. Be prepared! Plan on making more than one batch!
By MsMP on 29-Mar-2012
You can personalize these individual quiches by adding your favorite combination of vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Eliminating the crust cuts down on prep and baking time.
By campfiregal on 24-Mar-2012
A college favorite, these chewy bars won't last long. Bake for 25-30 minutes at 350 degrees & do not overbake. Cool before cutting. Enjoy!
By AwesomeCook on 31-Mar-2012
Special pancake recipe passed down through generations.
By campfiregal on 30-Apr-2012
This is an easy and delicious summer treat.
By campfiregal on 29-Apr-2012
Another option to use as a base for your delicious desserts.