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Bread Recipes
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By Lake Lady on 09-Jan-2009
Note: Indians dip the bread in "sop," a mixture of corn syrup and bacon drippings.
By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
By Steve on 31-Mar-2011
Other family recipes have been mostly translated or explained so they make sense to anyone, but not this one. Lu says, "I had to figure out how to make them work from these instructions..." Good luck to the brave one(s) who go to the trouble to attempt them.
By campfiregal on 28-Sep-2013
Can't go wrong with these moist delicious muffins. Several people at a large gathering requested the recipe.
By Angelica on 05-Mar-2009
By Steve on 01-May-2011
By April on 12-Mar-2008
I usually double or triple this. It freezes well.
By Steve on 30-Apr-2011
This was Luella's favorite, as you can see with her own writing.
By CampfireNut on 06-Apr-2012
Great for camping/scouting. Cook your biscuits on top while your meal cooks inside the 12" Dutch oven.
By Martha on 03-Mar-2009
By Lake Lady on 06-Jan-2008
Frozen bread or rolls makes this recipe fast and easy and the ice cream in the caramel sauce makes it special. Bound to please your guests. Yum yum!
By Grace on 04-Apr-2009
By Lake Lady on 03-Mar-2008
One of Mike's favorites
By Steve on 30-Apr-2011
Rosie Menke often makes this bread over the holidays. Her mother, Mary Kay, wrote the above recipe card.
By Lake Lady on 12-Jan-2008
This large recipe makes four 5x9 inch loaves
By Steve on 01-May-2011
By Lake Lady on 02-Mar-2008
Healthy & tasty
By chefaroo on 06-Oct-2013
You still have to get up early to get the fire going! Make 2 batches for a patrol of 8. They go fast! Use 14" Dutch oven.
By Lake Lady on 02-May-2008
By Lake Lady on 29-Jan-2008
A delicious homemade treat. To make the mixing easier, I use my kitchen aid mixer.