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By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
Very easy to make and it tastes great.
By Anonymous on 23-Nov-2013
Excellent baked ziti! Your family will love it.
By CampfireNut on 11-Apr-2012
Easy to make and always a hit! Who needs beans?
By Steve on 24-Mar-2009
By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
This is a quick and easy recipe to make. The kids and the adults will love it. Don't forget the garlic bread.
By chefaroo on 19-Jan-2013
Other recipes use a pie pan. You could add onions, grated carrots, garlic, mushrooms, green pepper, etc. This one is simple and kid-friendly.
By Steve on 02-May-2011
For easy spaghetti and meatballs, heat two jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce in a large pot. Add the cooked meatballs and serve over cooked spaghetti noodles.
By Steve on 03-Jan-2008
This is a slightly modified from a recipe given to me my Romain, who was visiting me from France. Romain was a student intern at the St. Paul French Immersion elementary school in Minnesota in 2004. The original is one of his favorite family recipes. For the original, use Gruyere cheese, fewer eggs, and an eyeballed amount of water! Enjoy!
By Lake Lady on 02-Mar-2008
Prepare ahead and put in oven to bake while you are gone for the afternoon. Try it; it's delicious. Baked at a moderately low heat.
By Dawn on 02-Feb-2008
Yummy party sandwich. Make them ahead of time and put them in the oven when getting ready to serve your guests.
By Steve on 15-Apr-2010
It's delicious.
By Martha on 05-Mar-2009
By quickchef on 16-Feb-2009
So fast & simple!
By April on 06-Jan-2009
By chefaroo on 07-Oct-2013
Use 12" Dutch oven.
By Steve on 01-May-2011
By Steve on 01-May-2011
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
Just like Grandma's quick & easy pasta dish. For additional fiber, add a can of kidney beans.
By CampfireNut on 06-Apr-2012
Giddy-Up-Cowboy! This is great for camping/scouting. Bake these biscuits in your 12" Dutch oven, smother with sausage gravy and you'll have yourself a tasty treat.
By Dawn on 08-Jan-2009