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Salad Recipes
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By Dawn on 08-Jan-2009
Fantastic flavor. A hit wherever it goes!
By Steve on 01-Apr-2011
By Lake Lady on 07-Jan-2008
My husband talked a local caterer into sharing this recipe. It's his favorite French dressing.
By Lake Lady on 06-Jan-2009
By Lake Lady on 06-Jan-2009
By April on 06-Jan-2009
Use as a dessert or salad for a crowd. A Thanksgiving Day treat.
By Steve on 13-Jan-2009
By campfiregal on 28-Apr-2012
Grandma used her meat grinder to grind the fresh cranberries, but I use my food processor which works just fine, especially if the cranberries are frozen.
By CampfireNut on 08-Apr-2012
This fruit medley will brighten any table.
By quickchef on 16-Feb-2009
Mix together and it's ready to eat.
By quickchef on 16-Jan-2009
By Dawn on 08-Jan-2009
Give your guests a treat
By Lake Lady on 02-Mar-2008
Serving a crowd? Make the day before and refrigerate.
By Lake Lady on 06-Jan-2009
By Lake Lady on 06-Jan-2009
A delicious and unique treat.
By Lake Lady on 29-Jan-2008
Be careful. It's addictive!
By quickchef on 15-Jan-2009
Very tasty indeed!
By Dawn on 10-Jan-2009
By Lake Lady on 08-Jan-2008
The broccoli, raisins, sunflower seeds and bacon bits make this a tasty and healthy salad
By Lake Lady on 06-Jan-2009
A potluck favorite