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Sandwich Recipes
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By Dawn on 02-Feb-2008
Yummy party sandwich. Make them ahead of time and put them in the oven when getting ready to serve your guests.
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
BLTs are easy to make at home or while camping.
By Lake Lady on 11-Apr-2008
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
Quick and Delicious! Sometimes the easiest things to make are the best. This works great for camping.
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
Who doesn't like Sloppy Joes?!
By Steve on 01-May-2011
By CharlesJackson on 26-Apr-2012
Best for Kids! Easy and tasty food for kids.
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
An easy classic that you can make at home or while camping.
By Martha on 05-Mar-2009
Your kids will love this.
By April on 07-Jan-2009
By April on 06-Jan-2009
Use your imagination!
By Martha on 25-Mar-2009
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
Yo, Rocky! Roast beef, onions, green peppers, cheese...who can resist?
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
This is easy to make at home or while camping.
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
Select your favorite cheese & sliced meat, place in bread or French rolls, wrap in foil & heat.
By April on 06-Jan-2009
Deer hunter's request
By CampfireNut on 08-Apr-2012
Don't laugh. Hawaiians eat more Spam than anyone and they must be pretty smart to be living there. Spam works great for camping or at home.
By Martha on 05-Mar-2009