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Sauce Recipes
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By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
Great with a turkey dinner.
By Lake Lady on 10-Jan-2008
Serve over noodles. Excellent with chicken breast.
By Dawn on 12-Jan-2009
Serve over noodles & chicken breasts
By Martha on 04-Mar-2009
By April on 07-Jan-2009
By Martha on 03-Mar-2009
Keep in refrigerator so it's always ready.
By Dawn on 16-Apr-2008
A topping for ice cream, rolls, or cake
By Grace on 07-Apr-2009
Grill your chicken or flank steak after marinating in this tasty sauce.
By Grace on 30-Mar-2009
By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
This is a great marinade for steaks.
By Steve on 30-Apr-2011
By Angelica on 05-Mar-2009
By Steve on 14-Mar-2008
By Angelica on 05-Mar-2009
Serve over angel food cake.
By quickchef on 19-Jan-2009
By Jim on 05-Mar-2008
By campfiregal on 20-Apr-2012
Family won't eat veggies? Try this sauce on your stir-fry dishes.