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Side Dish Recipes
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By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
Great with a turkey dinner.
By CampfireNut on 08-Apr-2012
Salute the flag when you eat these!
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
This is easy to make while camping.
By CampfireNut on 08-Apr-2012
Grandpa says eat it as soon as possible after harvesting.
By Steve on 02-May-2011
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
This is a classic!
By CampfireNut on 08-Apr-2012
Just like the State Fair. Relax by the campfire, tell stories or sing songs while you wait for this corn on the cob treat.
By Martha on 03-Mar-2009
A must at all holiday gatherings.
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
These are easy to make and always a hit!
By Steve on 01-May-2011
By April on 07-Jan-2009
By CampfireNut on 08-Apr-2012
You'll get orders for these tasty potatoes again and again.
By April on 08-Jan-2009
By CampfireNut on 07-Apr-2012
Easy to make at home or while camping.
By chefaroo on 08-Oct-2013
Use 12" Dutch oven.