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Thanksgiving Recipes
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By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
Great with a turkey dinner.
By Steve on 15-Jan-2008
Great peanut alternative! Don't forget the icing because the combination of the cookie and the icing makes these absolutely scrumptious.
By Steve on 01-Jan-2008
By Steve on 15-Jan-2008
This is great for making turkey soup the day after Thanksgiving. You don't need the turkey carcass.
By Steve on 31-Mar-2011
Other family recipes have been mostly translated or explained so they make sense to anyone, but not this one. Lu says, "I had to figure out how to make them work from these instructions..." Good luck to the brave one(s) who go to the trouble to attempt them.
By Steve on 02-May-2011
Stuffing is a great Thanksgiving tradition.
By Steve on 01-May-2011
By Martha on 03-Mar-2009
A must at all holiday gatherings.
By Terri on 02-Jan-2008
This pecan pie tastes great and is made without corn syrup and doesn't have the artificial corn syrup taste.