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By campfiregal on 20-Apr-2012
Make your own chicken seasoning.
By campfiregal on 21-Apr-2012
Are the deer eating your produce or flowers? Try this as a repellent.
By campfiregal on 21-Apr-2012
An excellent spread for toast, pancakes or biscuits.
By campfiregal on 14-Apr-2012
Preserve this delicious jam in the freezer.
By campfiregal on 21-Apr-2012
This is good on a variety of meats and poultry and some like it on their mashed or baked potatoes.
By campfiregal on 17-Apr-2012
No need to run to the store; just make your own.
By campfiregal on 12-Apr-2012
Make your own! Such a fun project.